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Senior Teams

Sooke Loggers
Cgy Sox
GP Pirates
Melfort 222's
GP Masters

Senior Schedule

Date/Time Diamond Team Score Team Score Game
Saturday July 31st
10:00 AM A Sooke Loggers GP Masters
10:00 AM B Cgy Sox Melfort 222's
12:00 PM A GP Pirates GP Masters
2:00 PM A Cgy Sox Sooke Loggers
4:00 PM A GP Pirates Melfort 222's
Sunday August 1st
11:00 AM A GP Pirates Cgy Sox
1:00 PM A Sooke Loggers Melfort 222's
1:00 PM B Cgy Sox GP Masters
3:00 PM A Sooke Loggers GP Pirates
5:00 PM A Melfort 222's GP Masters
Monday August 2nd
9:00 AM A 5th 4th G1
11:00 AM A Winner G1 1st G2
11:00 AM B 3rd 2nd G3
1:00 PM A Winner G2 Winner G3 G4

Intermediate Teams

Team Alberta
Cgy Buffalos
Notre-Dame Clubs
Zachary's Chiefs
GFL Chiefs
Bow River Bandits
Cgy Pirates

Intermediate Schedule

Date/Time Diamond Team Score Team Score Game
Saturday July 31st
12:00 PM B Cgy Buffalos GFL Chiefs
12:00 PM C Notre-Dame Clubs Bow River Bandits
2:00 PM B Team Alberta Zachary's Chiefs
2:00 PM C Cgy Pirates Thunderbirds
4:00 PM C Cgy Buffalos Notre-Dame Clubs
6:00 PM A Zachary's Chiefs GFL Chiefs
6:00 PM B Bow River Bandits Thunderbirds
6:30 PM C Team Alberta Cgy Pirates
Sunday August 1st
9:00 AM A 4th 5th G2
9:00 AM B 3rd 6th G3
9:00 AM C 2nd 7th G4
11:00 AM B 1st 8th G1
11:00 AM C Winner G3 Winner G4 G8
1:00 PM C Winner G1 Winner G2 G7
3:00 PM B Loser G1 Loser G2 G5
3:00 PM C Loser G3 Loser G4 G6
5:00 PM B Winner G7 Winner G8 G11
6:45 PM B Winner G5 Loser G8 G9
6:45 PM C Winner G6 Loser G7 G10
Monday August 2nd
9:00 AM C Winner G9 Winner G10 G12
11:00 AM B Winner G12 Loser G11 G13
1:00 PM B Winner G13 Winner G11 G14
3:00 PM B-If Needed Winner G13 Winner G11 G15

Stomp Rules

Please pick up you scoresheets and lineup cards at the Bar, both teams return scores to the bar after the game.
Home and Away determined by coin flip at the Plate.
All games No new Inning after 1 hour 40 min….no ties
International tie breaker rules will apply if time limit is up and teams are tied (regardless of inning)

If Home team is leading in the bottom of the inning (after time has expired) the game is complete
Semi Final and Final will have no time limit
All Softball Alberta Rules will apply

Playoff Seeding

  1. Points
  2. Plus/Minus (max +/- per game is 7)
  3. Head to Head
  4. Coin flip

 There is no Protests all Umpire Decisions are Final

No Player Shall Play on an open and an intermediate Roster. If caught team will forfeit game(s).
Softball Canada bat standards will be followed

All other Softball Canada Rules Apply


CISA is proud to bring back the 7th Annual Stampede Stomp this year with the dates set for July 30-August 2 2021 (backup date September 3-6). We hope to fill the tournament this year with a maximum of 18 teams. With lots of expressed interest and some confirmed teams already, it looks to be a great weekend.  We are proud to make sure this tournament goes ahead even if the rain hits, which we have all seen a time or two before.


Camping on site is available on a first come, first served basis. $20 per unit/night.

A hotel discount has been arranged through the Best Western Plus Port O' Call Hotel. The hotel is 600m away from the park and is offering the following:

Be sure to quote the group name “Stomp”

Rooms $129.99 plus tax 
Guests are welcome to call our toll free reservations line at 1-800-661-1161 or
The rate and availability are valid for bookings made before July 9th

Should anyone book after the release date they will be quoted the Best Available Rate at that time.


Public Entry

Please note that due to our liquor license, this is a private event for registered teams and invited guests only


Open now until it's full




Round robin followed by playoffs.

For More Information:

Brent Zorn
(403) 875-8890


Past Champions

Mens Open Sooke Loggers
Mens Intermediate Notre-Dame Clubs
Mens Open Grand Prairie Pirates
Mens Intermediate Clear Prairie
Mens Open Irma Tigers
Mens Intermediate Calgary A's
Mens Open Irma Tigers
Mens Intermediate Calgary Brewers
Mens Open Lloydminster Dodgers
Mens Intermediate Calgary A's
Mens Open New Zealand Black Sox
Mens Intermediate Irma Tigers
Mens Open New Zealand Black Sox
Mens Intermediate Irma Tigers

Stampede Stomp

May 24-26 2019


Calgary Sox
Irma Tigers
Calahoo Chiefs
GP Masters
GP Pirates
Scheduling still will change

Stampede City Stomp Open Schedule

Team Score Team Score Diamond
Friday May 24th
7:30 Calgary Sox Calahoo Chiefs B
Saturday May 25th
8:30 AM GP Pirates GP Masters A
10:00 AM Calgary Sox GP Masters A
10:00 AM GP Pirates Irma Tigers C
1:15 PM Calgary Sox Irma Tigers B
3:00 PM Irma Tigers GP Masters B
3:00 PM Calahoo Chiefs GP Pirates C
7:45 PM Calgary Sox GP Pirates B
7:45 PM Calahoo Chiefs GP Masters C
Sunday May 26th
10:00 AM Calahoo Chiefs Irma Tigers A
12:00 PM (Game 1) Seed 4 Seed 1 A
2:30 PM (Game 2) Seed 3 Seed 2 A
4:30 PM (Final) Winner Game 2 Winner Game 1 A


Calgary A’s
Saskatoon Padres
Calgary Brewers
Edgerton Eagles
Triple M Chiefs
Lac La Biche Lumberjacks
Bow River Bandits
Saskatoon Selects
Albert Royals
Bonnyville Braves
Clear Prairie
Irma Jr Tigers
Scheduling still may change

Stampede City Stomp Intermediate Schedule

Team Score Team Score Diamond
Friday May 24th
6:15 PM Calgary Brewers Triple M Chiefs A
7:45 PM Albert Royals Calgary A’s A
7:45 PM Bow River Bandits Lac La Biche Lumberjacks C
Saturday May 25th
8:30 AM Saskatoon Selects Bonnyville Braves B
8:30 AM Clear Prairie Edgerton Eagles C
10:00 AM Saskatoon Padres Irma Jr Tigers B
11:45 AM Calgary Brewers Lac La Biche Lumberjacks A
11:45 AM Triple M Chiefs Bonnyville Braves B
11:45 AM Calgary A’s Edgerton Eagles C
1:15 PM Clear Prairie Irma Jr Tigers A
1:15 PM Bow River Bandits Saskatoon Padres C
3:00 PM Albert Royals Saskatoon Selects A
4:30 PM Calgary A’s Clear Prairie A
4:30 PM Calgary Brewers Bonnyville Braves B
4:30 PM Lac La Biche Lumberjacks Irma Jr Tigers C
6:15 PM Triple M Chiefs Saskatoon Padres A
6:15 PM Saskatoon Selects Edgerton Eagles B
6:15 PM Albert Royals Bow River Bandits C
7:45 PM (Game 1) Seed 9 Seed 8 A
Sunday May 26th
8:00 AM (Game 2) Seed 12 Seed 5 A
8:00 AM (Game 3) Seed 10 Seed 7 B
8:00 AM (Game 4) Seed 11 Seed 6 C
10:00 AM (Game 5) Winner Game 1 Seed 1 B
10:00 AM (Game 6) Winner Game 3 Seed 2 C
12:00 PM (Game 7) Winner Game 2 Seed 4 B
12:00 PM (Game 8) Winner Game 4 Seed 3 C
2:30 PM (Game 9) Winner Game 5 Winner Game 7 B
2:30 PM (Game 10) Winner Game 6 Winner Game 8 C
4:30 PM (Final) Winner Game 9 Winner Game 10 B